You Heard it Here First on
You Heard it Here First on


The news of the day
What's the takeaway?
Experts have spoken
Insert your token

Masters of the gain
Relatively sane
Please sign the waiver
It's in your favor

Less is more they say
Til it's time to pay
Fingers in the wind
Contracts to rescind

Help's arriving soon
East coast from the moon
Wait a little longer they will sing a different tune

Working without clues
Heard it on the news
Somebody's cheating
History repeating

Ptolemy was right
Gift of second sight
Gravity frozen
Left to the chosen

Facts just make a mess
Aiming to impress
Try my stratagem
Better us than them

Just back from the war
Stranger than before
This is like a game show pick the prize behind that door

Ordered best to worst
You heard it here first
Consult your memory
It all began with me

What is the real curse?
You heard it here first
Submit your resume
deadline was yesterday
So what if they're perturbed
Trust me I gave you my word

You heard it here first
Take my word

Best worst
You heard it here first
Really, not really

Best worst
You heard it here first
Really good, really bad
Here first

Copyright 2017 Dan Markosian All rights reserved


Music and Lyrics: Dan Markosian
Arrangement, Performance and Mix: Dan Markosian
Supporting Vocals: Debbie Markosian