The Outer Doubt on
The Outer Doubt on


Have you heard about the space between?
Mark it on your list of places you've not been
I can take you there beyond your wall
Very near and far
Extremely big and small
Stay here if you must
Up to you
Don't let me hurry you worry you
I'm someone to trust
You should know 
Anyway any day

If you ever reach the outer doubt
Maybe then you'll know the map from in to out
Is it just a game?
People talk
What they say
What they do
Is it true?
Take it for a walk
Try it out
What to chose, what to lose

Count backwards from ten
Up and down across and in and out
Relax and descend
Stand by to explore the outer doubt

Think about the thoughts you pushed away
Push away the thoughts you care about
Live the days you lived as yesterday
Ready to explore the outer doubt

Try it once again
Up and down around and in and out
Very near the end
Prepare to explore the outer doubt

Have you heard about the outer doubt?

Copyright 2017 Dan Markosian All rights reserved


Music and Lyrics: Dan Markosian
Arrangement, Performance and Mix: Dan Markosian
Supporting Vocals: Meghan Dow, Elliotte Dow, Delaney Dow and Debbie Markosian