Give It Up on
Give It Up on


A lesson learned
A corner turned
Finish the test
You're not like all the rest

Lather applied
Once you're outside
You're on the hook
For all the crap you took

What is that you say?
It never goes away
Such a somber mood
Adjust your attitude
The elements are rare
Dispersing through the air
Try to trace their origin won't get you anywhere

He puffed a smoke
Then told a joke
All those on staff
Let out a nervous laugh

Contact the man
You understand
Don't mention me
There is no guarantee

I'll tell you what to think
But first buy me a drink
I really am a pro
Amazing what I know
A good time to explore
My methods are pre-war
Even as you give it up it's as it was before

Live it up and give it up
Swallow the poison in your cup
They're on their way to interrupt
You'll find their methods are abrupt

Live it up and give it up
Now claw your way up to the top
Commit yourself to never stop
And simply give it up

You say you find it odd
Portray me as a fraud
But please don't make a scene
Reaction is routine
It's up to you to choose
It's time to win not lose
You should check my history I'm not one to accuse

In a funky mood
Trapped in your solitude
Others came before
They entered this same door
Shades of red to pink
Step up and take the drink
Now's the time to give it up it's later than you think

Now is it the time to stop?
Can you choose to give it up?
Or would that change be abrupt?
You should be careful
It it the time now to stop
You chose now to give it up
No I would not interrupt
One should be careful
Give it up

Copyright 2017 Dan Markosian All rights reserved


Music and Lyrics: Dan Markosian 
Arrangement, Performance and Mix: Dan Markosian