Counter Measure on
Counter Measure on


It's harder than you think rigging all the races
It can turn on you quick or even slow
Maybe it's just a job free of local taxes
Nonetheless it's a trick no one can know

Hidden treasure, what a pleasure
There should be a counter measure
We're stuck covering you tracks
Take this and drink
Greedy tourists came before us
Explanations growing porous
While the sleeper attracts
A hidden link

Too bad this is not a run through
Could well be your end of career
No chance for a daring rescue
Nothing new is apt to appear

Crucial secrets were told just beyond our capture
If they ask you don't know where it went south
This could quickly grow old of that none are unsure
Underbelly might show a little doubt

First get a grip 
Put on your mask
Stop muttering
Take a breath
Not that loud
Don't honk your nose
Get ready now
It's just ahead
That's it

Now wipe it down
Switch it off
And twist it left
Just a bit
No that's wrong
What's that you say?
It's not your left
Don't be a twit
Good gawd

Hidden treasure what a pleasure
There should be a counter measure
It's getting about time
To call it in
What's left over rarely covered
Sideways seen barely hovered
Just a bit out of line
Nearly a win

Knock it off I'm not your mother
Or some comic book defender
Some say you're just like your brother
Actually I don't remember

Once from the start
Let's get it right
You're past the gate
Turn to your left
Not this again
Then turn around
And try your right
Avoid that eye
Straight ahead

Now slow it down
Take a close look
And find the nick
Are you blind?
One last chance
We have all night
Of course we don't
It's time to say
Good night

It's harder than you thing rigging all the races
D. N. R.
Direction, narration, rejection
Dissected, neglected, reflected
Hidden treasure what a pleasure there should be a counter measure
Diluted, not suited, refuted
Deflated, negated, restated
Hidden treasure what a pleasure welcome to your counter measure

Copyright 2016 Dan Markosian All rights reserved


Music and Lyrics: Dan Markosian
Arrangement, Performance and Mix: Dan Markosian